MIXTAPE: The Audubon Society – The Half Dozen

The Audubon Society is a DJ crew from Atlanta consisting of Mr. Mind and DJ Variable who have been producing beats and making mixes for about 6 years now. Here is their latest effort, Half Dozen (aka vol. 6), available for FREE download. This mix consists of a ton of new stuff; mash ups, new joints, remixes, etc. Stream and Download below.

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  • rvellatl says:

    The Men of the Audubon Society never fail to impress. This is their 6th mix and they continue to dive deeper into the genres of hip hop, reggae, and eclectic roots music to find the gems. What I like about them is they do not rush to put out what’s hot.. they take their time and make the hottness. That is key.

    Cheers to these fellas from ATL.. they always “bring the birds out!”

    -a little ATL birdie